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We redesign your site to help you get more sales.

If your website is at a standstill, if you are unsatisfied with the results you are getting, use our experience to get it moving again. Fast.

Andrea Cimatti
Marina Caputo
Fabio Fabbri
Beatrice Ricci

Our services help improve your marketing

With Cimatti Consulting you have a wide range of skills available to cover your online marketing needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let the right people find what you are offering, fast.

Use search engines to find new customers and keep getting preferred over time

Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Strategies

Multilingual sites,
SEO, and social media

We optimise your website for international search engines and manage your social media in English and Italian.

Social Media Services for Business

Social Media Services for Business

We give you support, day after day on all your social channels

Our creative ideas can make all the difference to the quality of your message.

Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Design and creation
of corporate and institutional websites

From one-page sites to ecommerce with thousands of products, we support you all the way.

E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

Open your own ecommerce
and sell your products

Free your business from geographical limitations and expand your sales prospects.

Email and Marketing Automation

Email and Marketing Automation

Turn your visitors into loyal customers

Start, resume or boost your email marketing. We help you according to your needs.

Photography, Video and Multimedia

Photography, Video and Multimedia

Quality visual content for your marketing success

Our photo shoots, image optimisation, video and video editing add real value to your marketing

Apps for Android, iOS and Windows

Apps for Android, iOS and Windows

Apps for trade fairs and sales networks directly from your website

Starting with the content of your website, we can build apps that work online and offline.

Plugins and coding

Plugins and coding

Software development and web-based applications for your business

To make your web presence truly unique with customised solutions.

Graphics for trade fairs and events

Graphics for trade fairs and events

Present yourself with all the tools you need at your next meeting.

We assist you with your stand design, information material, and communication strategy.

Brand and Logo Design

Brand and Logo Design

We help you refine your corporate and brand identity

We can start from scratch or refresh current brands to ensure continuity.

Catalogs, brochures, technical documentation

Catalogs, brochures, technical documentation

Graphic materials for your business meetings and products

We produce your product catalogue, your company brochure, perfect your technical documentation

Our approach

The 5 steps +1 to improve your marketing performance starting with your website

1. Website Check-up and Marketing Audits

Website Check-up and Marketing Audits

Start with an audit of your website and digital marketing

Find out how your site communicates, how it ranks on search engines and what opportunities you can seize.

2. Clarify your message

Clarify your message

We create effective communication for your business

Even if you have the best product on the market, you will lose to a competitor who communicates more clearly.

3. Customer-Centric Website Design

Customer-Centric Website Design

We design your site with your customers in mind

Your website must be easy to use, quick to consult and oriented towards achieving your business objectives.

4. Content and Multimedia Creation

Content and Multimedia Creation

We prepare and optimise the necessary content

We write the copy and prepare the digital assets needed for your marketing: images, videos and pdfs

5. Ongoing strategies

Ongoing strategies

Don't stop when your site is online

Create news, post on social media and send newsletters to engage your customers

6. Keep track of your goals

Keep track of your goals

Analyse and understand your marketing results

Use automation to receive regular updates on your achievements.

We are partners of our customers

Big plans start with strong relationships and long-term thinking. We have been helping our customers succeed since 1997. We have worked with over 100 organizations, large and small, many of them for several years and projects.

Logo Arteco
I have been working with Cimatti Consulting for many years. Professionalism, punctuality, reliability and customer care that is always ready make them an excellent partner.

Claudia Lanzoni
Marketing Designer
Logo Aurora Case Preziose
We have always been partners, we have relied on them to promote our work from the very first website, their communication strategy has always been attentive and forward-looking, their social media management is very effective and is giving us excellent results!

Stella Rava
Aurora Case Preziose
Logo LifeLine Medical, USA
With Cimatti Consulting we improved our marketing strategy for our e-commerce websites and social media channels.

Freda Mills
E-commerce manager
LifeLine Medical, USA
Logo Bronchi Combustibili
A team of communication experts specialising in all things web and graphic design. A great team that always brings great results. Very good and professional.

Enrico Molari
Engineer – Technical Sales Manager
Bronchi Combustibili
Logo Medimec
We have been clients of Cimatti Consulting for some years now and we are satisfied. Andrea and his collaborators follow us with attention and professionalism, always managing to put our ideas into practice.

Matthias Capelli
Logo Antico Borgo “I Cancelli”
Thank you for what you have done for us so far, always in an attentive and timely manner.

Jessica e Silvia
Antico Borgo “I Cancelli”
Logo Comecer
Cimatti has been an important partner for Comecer for over a decade supporting the promotion, optimization, and growth of the company’s two websites. With Cimatti’s support, we saw an immediate positive impact from the start. Cimatti is a trusted partner that has helped us evolve our online presence with a constant increase in marketing results.

Mirco Cornazzani
Marketing Manager
Logo Alessandro Borchi Occhiali
In 2006, Cimatti Consulting created our logo and identity. Since then it has helped us with various communication ideas. I am very happy with the collaboration with them.

Alessandro Borchi
Alessandro Borchi Occhiali

Why choose Cimatti Consulting Web Agency

We help you improve your website marketing strategy to sell more.

A strong partnership with a stable team of experts

If your company is taking its first steps in digital marketing or if you have already had years of experience, you will benefit significantly from collaborating with a small agency like ours.

Your website and social channels need to be constantly updated, optimized, and improved. In outsourcing your digital marketing, your business can focus on its core business and save an enormous amount of time and resources.

A small but established digital agency allows you to work together personally with ongoing interaction and support from the same people. Larger digital agencies might not have the goal and ambition to achieve the best possible results for your business and may be subject to more frequent changes in staff.

Improve your marketing and measure results

For any business, regardless of industry, market, and company size, it is necessary to have a solid online presence to build a sustainable business.

The beauty of online marketing is measuring and seeing results in real-time. As a small digital agency, we are eager to perform well for our clients because they depend on their success.

You can benefit from partnering with an agency because the agency has to deliver the results for you.
A small agency can be an excellent business partner to develop your business using the full strength of the web.

Our skills


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