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Visibility matters. Contacts matter more.

There is no point if your website is ranking well or saying the right things. Communication starts when somebody who visits your site contacts you.

We at Cimatti focus on one thing. Using the web to make those contacts happen. And that means

  1. making your online presence visibile and reachable
  2. focusing all content creation on generating contacts
  3. making the most of all the contact requests.

Make your online presence visibile and reachable.

First on your website, then on social networks. To be highly visibile on search enginges you need both. That is why our services focus on helping you optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and making sure that you are using the main social networks to your advantage.

Make generating contacts the focus of all your online activity.

This means widespread use of forms and that is why we developed our own WordPress Marketing Platform, whose pulsing heart is the Contact Forms Plugin we recently released.

Make the most of all the contact requests.

No matter where leads come from – on line, at trade shows, through advertising campaigns the first interactions are crucial to leading toward conversion.

CRM comes later. Cimatti concentrates on designing the online touchpoints where potential customers can start the processof becoming real customers.

Make visitors want to contact you.

Let us tell you directly how we can help you reach your online goals right away.

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