16 Luglio 2013
Andrea Cimatti

SEO Research Part 2: The “SEO” Word

SEO Research - W3C

This might become a continuing series of articles because tackling the Search Engine Optimization game by looking at some Google result pages is truly enlightening, even for somebody who’s been at the game for a while.

How about searching for “SEO” on Google?

With this search I’ll look to see if the idea that valid, well-structured html markup helps you rank better. So what I’ll do is check for html errors with the most famous validator of them all at  http://validator.w3.org.
Children Beware! It’s not science, it’s just a random test.

The top 10 results for the term “SEO” at google.com are:

1. Search engine optimization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia, the king of all SERPs is first. But the validator says 12 Errors, 7 warnings.

Also notice the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization. Where are the hyphens between the words? This is a clear victory for the _underscore.

2. Ottimizzazione (motori di ricerca) – Wikipedia

9 Errors, 1 warnings
This result says that I don’t need to specify that I’m doing these searches from Italy using google.com. Google is always careful to locate the searcher.

3. News for seo Forget SEO Tactics. Put Your Audience First

63 Errors, 3 warning(s)
Nice article, good source.. but ehm.. the title says it all.

4. Common SEO Errors, Notices and Warnings

huffingtonpost.com – I checked this page for htmlAt least, that is what I thought. But behold! This page has 232 Errors and 146 warnings!

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Webmaster Tools Help

This is the first Google page on the topic. The validator shows 9 Errors and 2 warnings

6. What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? – Search Engine Land

This page also does not do well with the  W3C validator: 181 Errors, 118 warning(s). There are however lots of links and original content that make up for the improper use of html.

7. WordPress › seo « Tags « WordPress Plugins

Even the WordPress website has a few validation errors (9 Errors, 2 warnings to be precise).

8. SEO

40 Errors, 7 warnings. This one really beats me! How did this page get in the SERP’s in the first place for this search term? Any Ideas

9. Search Engine Optimization | Affordable SEO Services at

2 Errors, 2 warnings. This result is credible for a first page

10. SEO | Search Engine Optimization | Entrepreneur.com

125 Errors, 56 warning(s)


Don’t spend your nights worrying about super perfect code. Think about content instead!

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