28 Giugno 2013
Andrea Cimatti

A bit of SEO research

seo research by Cimatti

So this is the first post going back to the internet’s natural language, and it’s going to open a series regarding a simple SEO research scheme I’ve decided to undertake. I’ve spent a few hours trying to figure out if the current SEO logic out there makes any sense. And I must admit that I discovered a few interesting things.

I used google.com looking at  the first 50 results on the term “blog”.

Surprise surprise!  These are the first 10 results:

1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog

no surprise here. wikipedia is a no brainer. When it competes it always wins hands down. My suggestion: look closely at a wikipedia page if you want to know what it takes to rank well in the SERPs

2. www.blogger.com/start?hl=en

>number two for a google product. Again no brainer
Alexa Rank of  72 while blogspot is Alexa Rank 11

3.  blog.com‎

Certainly the domain name helps

4. www.google.com/blogsearch

Well I’ll be…yet another google page.

5. googleblog.blogspot.com/

google boredom sets in

6. scottkelby.com/

Scott Kelby is one great Sports Car Photographer!
His blogging is run on a minified, cached WordPress with 10 javascripts. No caching will help this is one slow site to load. Firebug tells me 18+ seconds for OnLoad and 45 seconds total time.
Number 6 for google.

7. www.mattcutts.com/blog/‎

Oh no! not Matt Cutts! You’d think people would be interested in something different if they searched for blog.

8. sethgodin.typepad.com/

by Seth Godin – in 106,898 Google+ circles
OK – this man is famous, but his so called blog is not really a blog in the traditional sense (no comments)
Run on typepad. If you look at the code the title tag is way after the description, close to the end of the head. Not much great SEO there.

9. wordpress.com/

Makes sense but… Alexa Rank 25, in comparison to Blogger Rank it ought to be in second position.

10. nicolesyblog.com/

by Nicole S. Young – in 1,981,328 Google+ circles. The blog itself is run on wordpress, and i assure you is not at all SEO optimized, For example it has lots of repeating titles and descriptions.
It’s just a great blog full of beautiful honest content. with lots and lots of social added on.


Yes, I looked at the first 50 results of  about 8,110,000,000.
At top of page 4 I found Niel Gallman’s blog that has a menu made with..ahh tables. And yet there he is at number 30.

There is  a lot of demistifying to be done out there when it comes to SEO. Probably we shoul be spending less time on worrying about being first. We should just write about our passions just like  Nicole S. Young.

And that is why the image of this post is an action photo of mine from a few years back.


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